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Your solution to all quality Automotive Reconditioning services. ARS has revolutionized auto reconditioning. We have simplified and perfected new and used car reconditioning services.

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Services Summary

Here all the following reconditioning services we provide to any and all our auto dealers.

Paint-less Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair or PDR is the most innovative way of removing dents and dings from your vehicle. Our expert technicians will access the dent from the backside. With the use of specialized tools, the metal will be reshaped so it can return back to its original condition. PDR is cost-effective and can retain the original paint of your vehicle. Typically, the repair can be done in just a few hours, depending upon the size and the depth of the dent. Once the dent or ding has been repaired, you won’t see any evidence of its prior damage. No need to worry since the dents will never come back again!

Auto Bodywork Repairs

Sometimes collisions can occur even how careful you are. Once it happened, we can help you restore your vehicle to its factory standards so you can get it back on the road again. Accidents vary from one another. Our experienced technicians are very familiar with repairing any types of auto body work repairs regardless of how complex its mechanical components are. They possess the professional expertise needed for diagnosing the damage to your vehicle. We have a variety of modern machinery and tools which can help the technicians in making the repair. You can ensure that no matter how bad the damage is, we can make your vehicle look as good as new. We specialize in car body repairs and accident repairs to any types of vehicles.

Collision Project Repairs

When you’re involved in an accident, then our skilled and dedicated technicians can restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. No matter if it is only minor dings, dents, paint scratch or major collision repair, our experienced technicians can fix it! With our cutting-edge techniques and innovative equipment, you can rest assured that your vehicle will receive the highest quality collision repair work regardless how worst the damage is. We can provide collision repairs to any makes and models of vehicles. No matter what type of vehicle you are driving, we can return your vehicle back to its original condition!

Auto Interior Repairs

The condition of your interior can either make or break the resale value of your vehicle. If you have a rental car business, then an unkempt interior can leave a bad impression on your client. Proper maintenance of your interior can extend the lifespan of the vehicle. At the same time, it can provide you with a pleasant driving experience. Our interior repair services are affordable, fast, and reliable. We have the best technicians who are well experienced in a variety of interior vehicle repairs. Our facility is equipped with the most advanced equipment to give you the best interior repair solutions. We use industry-leading techniques and the latest interior repair technology.

Auto paint jobs

When was the last time you take a good look at your car? Want to fell in love with your car again? With a new coat of paint, your weathered vehicle can look new again. Painting your vehicle is not actually an expensive investment. In fact, it can be an enjoyable experience at ARS. We provide an affordable auto painting services so you can enjoy riding your car the way you want it. There are a variety of affordable auto paint jobs that are available, depending on your vehicle and your preference. An outstanding auto paint job can make your car stand out wherever you go!

Full-Service Auto Detailing – Exterior & Interior

You have a nice looking vehicle. However, it may require a full-service auto detailing. Automotive Reconditioning Solutions can freshen up the look of your vehicle to make it stand out just like it did before. Whether your vehicle is a classic or a late model, we can help you restore it to its brand new condition. Our full-service auto detailing covers both interior and exterior profound cleaning. On the exterior, we will eliminate all surface dirt and grimes. Polish the exterior paint to remove any scratches. On the interior, we will deep clean all the surfaces, including the carpet, vinyl, leather, and others.