While parked or driving, our cars may be hit with different forces that cause damage to the body of the vehicle. When you are looking for collision repair in Denver, Automotive Reconditioning Solutions provides everything you need from A to Z.

Yes, Mother Nature causes damage to our cars, as well as other drivers and sometimes, even from ourselves. Rocks and gravel on the roads and freeways cause dents, dings, creases and scratches. Drivers that are thoughtless, shoppers that allow their carts to get away from them leave door dings, dents, and scuffed bumpers in their wake. You cannot avoid wear and tear on your vehicle, but you can undo or minimize its effects. Undoing the effects and structural vulnerability from a collision requires more than just replaceable parts. It requires training, skill, experience, and expertise. This means that it is essential to consider experienced staff and personnel that can offer exceptional services.
Comprehensive services

In the Denver area, Automotive Reconditioning Solutions can make your car look new again with our exterior and interior collision repair services. Are you considering a paint chip repair? Our qualified specialists use a branded paint chip repair procedure that can rapidly touch up many rock or pebble chips on undercarriage, bumpers, hoods, side panels, and the vehicles painted surfaces. For paint scratch repairs, we use a variety of chemical compounds to fill in scratches and polish to remove mild scratches from the surface coat.

Many times during a collision, the headlights are damaged. We can complete headlight replacement or restoration after a collision. Clear, sharp, headlights are vital for road illumination and the safe operation of your vehicle. At Automotive Reconditioning Solutions, the bumper scuff repair is completed using vertical surface blend technology. This technique quickly repairs a scuffed bumper without a trip to the body shop.

In the Denver area, if your vehicle is in need of collision repair service call or visit us online. Our friendly staff is happy to view any pictures you send us to give you a free estimate. If you are in the area, we would love to see you in person and provide a vehicle damage assessment.