Arvada Auto Repair

Ugly dents, dings, and creases on our vehicles will lower the resale value when you are looking to sell. In addition, it is natural for the damage to bother us. In the Arvada area, paintless dent repair is an art form. Our highly skilled and certified technicians know what they are doing and you are in excellent hands. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction.

After being in the paintless dent repair business for many years, we have seen all types and dents in all shapes, sizes, penetrations, and scales. Unsightly dents are a thing of the past once your car is restored to its pre-damage condition.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the go-to solution, fast, and affordable answer for any vehicle. It was designed as an alternative to full body and parts replacement, which can run in the thousands of dollars.

At our Arvada Auto repair shop, one of our specialties is PDR. You can call us or come by anytime for a free estimate. If you prefer email or text us an image of your car’s damage and we will provide an estimate as well.

PDR works by manipulating the metal of your car back into the previous shape without grinding, sanding, bonding, or touching the original factory paint. Besides, PDR is friendly on the environment and your bank account. A full paint job is typically required during conventional bodywork. However, with PDR this is not the case. Therefore, the PDR process is a fast and reasonably priced alternative to restore the original look and splendor to your car. The method gives an unblemished shine no matter the weather, rain or shine.

Our qualified service technicians at our Arvada Auto dent repair shop will help you remove the dings and dents and drive with confidence. Call or visit us today. We are always available to answer questions, give advice, and recommendations.