Automotive Body Work in Highlands Ranch

When it comes to auto body repair in Highland Ranch, most of us do not know what to expect or where to get it. We see commercials on TV and online offering various services, but it is crucial to know what is included. There are several things that occur in the auto body repair process. These include painting, mending frames, and a basic understanding of a vehicle’s electronic, electrical, and mechanical systems.

Undoing Dents

Collisions can cause severe damage to the body panels of any vehicle, often requiring a complete replacement. If necessary, replacement body parts will be ordered from the most cost effective vendors to save you money rather than ordering new panels from the factory. Removing and replacing a damaged body panel can be both time consuming and frustrating. However, our technicians are experienced and find doing a job well done is very rewarding.

Many times, our auto body work specialists in the Highlands Ranch area can pound out dents when the rear of a panel is accessible. The goal is to restore the metal to its original shape. When a dent cannot be reached, metal pullers can be used to reverse a dent from the outside.

Filling It In

Most of the time, metal still has crinkles and cracks in it after being hammered out, so our auto body work technicians must use Bondo or other fillers to restore a nice, smooth finish. Even some minor dents can be quickly repaired this way.

Our goal is to bring your vehicle to its pre-ding condition. Therefore, we use as little filler as possible because over time, thick layers may crack. After spreading the filler on evenly, our technicians in the Highlands Ranch area must let it dry completely and then sand it down to blend with the surrounding surface.

When it comes to body work in Highlands Ranch our experts know your vehicle. Auto body repair is our specialty and we will repair and restore your vehicle to its original condition.