Denver Auto Paint

The paint job of a vehicle makes it aesthetically pleasing. Denver Auto Paint does not just make it look beautiful; it also protects it from the elements. It protects it from corrosion, bumps, stone chips, and UV light.

The most common type of paint is water based acrylic polyurethane enamel paint. It is a popular choice because it is environmentally friendly.
Lacquer paint on the other hand, comprises of chromium, lead and other heavy metals

When lacquer paint is part of the auto paint process, as much as 85% of it can evaporate into the atmosphere, thereby polluting it. However, because of modern environmental laws, companies now favor the use of water based enamel paints.

There are many stages in the Denver auto paint process. Every stage of the process has a purpose and they all serve to beautify the vehicle.
The following are the coats of paint used in the auto paint process


Primer is the first coat of paint in the Denver auto paint process. It serves many purposes.
It serves as a leveler. After the car comes from the metal working shop where it has gone through many processes, the primer levels the entire surface of the vehicle. The resulting smooth surface makes for a better-finished product.
The primer is the element in car paint that protects it from dings. It also makes it easier for the other coats of paint to stick to the body of the vehicle. Because of using the primer as the first coat, more paint coats can be on the vehicle.


The base coat is the next paint coat. This coat is simply the one that gives the body of the automobile its color. It also gives the body different effects, from sparkly to metallic, depending on the type of paint chosen.


The final paint coat is the clear coat. You apply this coat on the base coat. It is glossy and interfaces with the environment. Consequently, this coat needs to be durable to protect the vehicle’s body from abrasion and UV light.
Depending on your needs the Denver auto paint team will choose the right base coat to give your car a unique and aesthetically pleasing look. Book an appointment today.