Denver Full Auto Paint

In Denver, full auto paint is a specialty of Automotive Reconditioning Solutions. Whether from a collision or you wish to change the existing color of the car, we handle all types of auto-painting, weather damage, collision repair, and cosmetic car repairs.

Paint is a powerful tool that can transform your car into a gorgeous driving machine. Never underestimate the appearance of a car you love to drive and the heads that will turn as you cruise by.

Detailed Work!

With our cost estimator we can provide a detailed invoice as to expected costs. Avoid those unnecessary surprises! We will complete your project on time, and go the extra mile to ensure your vehicle sparkles. This includes assessing the car for body damage that needs repair first, then sanding the body and removing any rust.

Our professionals recommend only the best car paints to create a stunning vehicle exterior. Paints have specific features and protective characteristics such as defense against the elements, sun, wind, rain and anti-rust security.
These can include brands such as Rust Oleum Automotive, which is a leader in rust-prevention. Bumper to bumper this product has been around since 1921. It is corrosion resistant, quick dry, and deadens sound. Rust-Oleum Automotive

Expert Knowledge

Auto Body Paint is a lacquer formula that prevents rust, will not peel, and can be sprayed. Meguiar’s G17217 Ultimate Compound. Dupli-Color Clear Perfect Match offer a glossy finish and hide scratches. Speak with the Automotive Reconditioning Solutions technician to select the perfect color and compound for your car’s full auto paint service.
When your car is painted a full coat and sealer are applied and the service comes with a written warranty.

Explore the possibilities of a new vehicle color with full auto paint as well as our broad range of services, which include

• Body and framework
• Alignment and suspension assessments
• Dent removal and collision repair
• Windshield and interior repairs

Call today to book an appointment with one of our trained specialists. Make your car look and feel brand new with a full auto paint service.