Denver PDR

In Denver, PDR is accomplished by your number one choice in car restoration Automotive Reconditioning Solutions.

PDR is an abbreviation meaning Paintless Dent repair or removal. It is a method of erasing minor dents from the body of a car or other vehicle.
This technique is used on both aluminum and steel panels of a car’s exterior surfaces. It is used to restore damaged surfaces such as door dings, bodylines, creases, and dents.

From time to time, we all experience minor collisions that create an indentation in one of the panels. Therefore, a great method to restore and remove such ugly dings without altering the factory paint is to use the PDR technique.

Using Paintless Dent Removal

The method for dent removal from a car’s body lines uses specialized tools. The dent surface is pushed out carefully, by placing the tools on the backside of the damage. In the Denver area, a trained and licensed technician only completes PDR.

Benefits on motor vehicles

There are a number of advantages to this method.

It is a cost effective option versus parts replacement and paint. Many times, it makes the cost of repairing a damaged panel less than purchasing a new one.

The process removes dents without altering the original factory paint. Lastly, it is fast and completed usually in 2 hours.

There are limitations using PDR. Sometimes, the flexibility of the paint is a deciding factor, the thickness of the panel on the vehicle and the flatness or curvature of the dent or pressed area. In addition, if your car has a deep, sharp dent and creases, or if the dent is from a high intensity impact, it is essential you speak to one of your professionals for a recommendation.

Nevertheless, the shallower the dent, the greater the likelihood that PDR is a good fit. Call one of our experts in Denver to discuss your car’s exterior and interior body needs. We can provide a free estimate over the phone or via email with images.