Lakewood Auto Reconditioning

Auto reconditioning is the process of restoring a vehicle to its original state.
This process involves many things, including repainting, dent repair, upholstery re-finishing, etc.
The goal is to make sure that a vehicle performs optimally, safely and most importantly, to make sure that it looks good.
The inspection is thorough and entails the entire vehicle from end to end and inside and out.

Some of the following are steps in Lakewood that our auto- reconditioning team uses to achieve this are· Body inspection

· Mechanical inspection
· Interior repair
· Body protection
· Polishing
· Body repair
· Finishing touches

We will go over the details in a bit.

Body inspection:

This is the first step in auto-reconditioning.
The exterior of the vehicle is thoroughly examined for cracks, chips, and dents.
Cracks in glass and any wheel damage are checked. All the faulty areas are noted so that they can be addressed later.

Mechanical inspection:

In this stage, all the components that ensure that your vehicle performs optimally are examined.
No part escapes this examination, including the brakes, exhaust, and the engine.

Interior detailing:

For this step, the interior is examined for any areas that need restoration or repair

Final protection:

After the vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected, a final high-quality vinyl dressing is applied to the interior to make it more durable.


In this stage, the exterior is coated with substances that prolong the life of the paint job of the vehicle.

Body repair:

All body imperfections are addressed; faulty panels are restored and the body is restored to its original condition.
After carrying out the above, the entire vehicle is cleaned thoroughly from the inside out.
When you are in the Lakewood area plan to visit our auto-reconditioning team for a quality repair in a timely fashion.