Littleton Auto Reconditioning

 Common Stages of Auto Reconditioning

Have you dented the surface of your car? To restore it back to its former self, you need the services of an auto reconditioning expert. Such as Automotive Reconditioning Solutions in Littleton! For example Littleton  auto reconditioning refers to the entire process of repairing used vehicles to make them look and feel almost as new.

The following are  common steps that our auto reconditioning experts in Littleton use.

Physical inspection

Mechanics have an internal and external visual inspection of the vehicle to determine its current condition. You should get a quote depending on the extent of its damage.

Mechanical inspection

Experts get their hands dirty to touch, feel all components of the car. They use meters and electronic tools to determine damages that the bare human eye cannot notice.

Body repair

Does your car require new panels? Mechanics install them at this stage. Examples are the brakes, engine parts, body parts, lighting, and electronic systems.

 Interior detailing

Restoring the smell of your vehicle is just as important as restoring its look. It involves shampooing and vacuuming to get rid of spots and dirt stains that may exist inside the car.

 Final detailing

When you seek out our Littleton shop for auto reconditioning services, mechanics apply a dressing of vinyl to restore the interior. It protects the surface from abuse and scratches. A shiny coat increases the aesthetic look of your car.

 External polish

All used vehicles lose their shiny external finish over time. Rough roads and harsh weather contribute to this. At this stage, vehicles get a polish to remove swirl marks and other small imperfections.

 Last mechanical inspection

This is the last step where inspectors compare your vehicle to its version of a new one. These experts may send the vehicle back for re-touch or approve its successful restoration.

When you are ready, make an appointment with our auto reconditioning specialists. We are here to serve.