If it is time to breathe new life into your well-loved vehicle, look no further than ARS. Our Littleton interior repair experts refurbish damaged leather, plastic, fabric, and vinyl for all makes and models of vehicles, including recreational vehicles and motorcycles. Replacing existing worn vehicle interior fabric helps your vehicle look fresh and new again. This enhanced comfort boosts the overall value of your investment as well. Our Littleton interior repair shop can work with everything from faded or worn leather seats, damaged steering wheels, to scratched door panels.

Fabric & Leather Refurbishing

Your vehicle has been with you every step of the way. Make sure it does not look like it has been through the ringer when you refresh it. Let our expert technicians at our Littleton interior repair shop make your vehicle look like new again.

Carpet Cleaning

If the carpet of your vehicle has stains, an odor that you just cannot remove, or basic wear and tear, we can repair it completely. You do not need to reupholster your entire car just to address one area that needs repair. Instead, bring it to our Littleton interior repair shop and watch it come back to life.

Dashboard Restoration

Let us handle that vinyl dashboard repair without needing to replace the entire piece. We can restore damaged car armrests to look brand new again. Leather bolster damage on car seats is easy to restore and redye to look brand new. If your car dashboard has damage that other shops cannot seem to fix, bring it to our Littleton interior repair shop, and know you are in good hands.

We can also repair damage to vinyl with a simple procedure that will not require you to replace entire sections of vinyl. Call ARS today at 833-827-7552 to request a free damage estimate!