Paintless Dent Repair

Every day dings, dents, creases, and scratches happen to cars. They may be caused by nature, such as a hailstorm or the man made variety of a hit and run. Conventional body work and paint jobs can be expensive, time consuming and may have an additional cost of renting a replacement vehicle. The advanced method offered by Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is one of many excellent reasons to choose PDR as your go to repair technique for minor dents.


The conventional body repair involves sanding, grinding, filling and painting the damaged areas of the car. There is a lot of time and labor involved as the professionals must get to the bare metal by sanding. Once at the dent, they can spot weld to level the damage and flatten the dent. Once the surface is even, they will apply filler, and then there is additional sanding and more leveling. Now it is time for the paint job. First is the application of a layer of primer as an undercoat that acts as a bonder connecting the paint and body filler. After that, there is an application of two layers of paint with two to three layers of clear coat sealant. As you can see this is a time consuming process, and you may be without a car from days to a few weeks.

State of the Art Techniques

In addition there are several reasons to choose PDR. The primary one is there is no need to repaint your car with this process. PDR allows the technician to pull out the dent by getting behind the panel to gain access. Dents are gently massaged, pulled and pushed level without affecting the original factory or customized paint job. This process saves you time and money as many repairs can be completed the same day.

The reasons to choose PDR outweigh traditional methods and are by far the best option. If you are thinking about repair work, contact our specialists at Automotive Reconditioning Solutions. We offer free estimates, competitive prices and will get you on the road again looking great.