Arvada is a beautiful place to be. However, between the winter weather and crazy motorists, dents, dings and scratches are inevitable. Wear and tear may be desirable on collectibles, antiques, or historical artifacts; collectors and enthusiasts say they add to the overall character and mystery. But, this will never be true for modern vehicles. Your car will never be as valuable as it was with the original factory paint job. Vintage cars that retain all of their original parts and paint can sometimes sell for millions.

How to Keep Your Paint Intact

If you have ever owned an antique vehicle, then you know the importance of maintaining a quality finish and what a hassle it can be. Today most vintage vehicle owners rely on a technique called paintless dent repair (PDR) to fix minor body damage without harming the original paint. Our Arvada dent repair experts use this method for its fast, money saving, and non-invasive qualities.

What is PDR?

PDR is a quick process that requires little to no disassembly. Our Arvada dent repair team uses no paint, primer, or filler when repairing your car, so the factory finish remains completely untouched. This is great for maintaining resale potential and avoiding creeping insurance rates. This also lowers overhead material costs and makes our turnarounds much faster than a body shop that heavily relies on filling methods. As an added bonus, PDR is environmentally friendly since it contains no chemical runoff associated with paints.

Arvada’s Best Dent Repair Team

Our Arvada dent repair team is dedicated to providing excellent body repair services for all types of vehicles and all kinds of drivers. Casual commuters and antique enthusiasts alike can benefit from our amazing body shop services. Don’t lose out on potential value for your vehicle. Restore your brand new ride or Call Automotive Reconditioning Solutions today at 833-827-7552 for a free damage estimate!