Body repair is any car owner’s worst nightmare. When you buy a car, you treat her like a baby. Moreover, when you see scratches or dings on the body of your car, you go bananas.
It is understandable. However, here are some tips that can help you choose a good auto-body repair shop.

What should you know before deciding on a Denver body repair company?

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool that few companies take full advantage of. What better way to decide the company you’re going to do business with than by talking to already satisfied customers? For body shops in particular our reputation hinges on the quality of our results. Ask your friends and family what company they recommend. Our hope is that when you leave our shop, you’ll already know the answer to that question when someone else is in need of repairs.

Factor in Overhead Costs

A fancy body repair shop may make you feel more confident in doing business with them, but keep in mind that your bills can add up very quickly. External looks are not everything. Where most people go wrong in choosing their body shop are hourly rates. Most body shops charge a labor fee of $40 or more. If the shop you’re interested in has a lot of front desk customer service reps, then their prices get jacked up to pay their wages.

Get Multiple Estimates

Don’t settle on the first Denver body repair shop you come across. Look for a company that has fair prices for the service they provide. Take your car to multiple body shops so you can figure out what’s low and what’s high. However, you shouldn’t base your decision entirely on price. Many low cost Denver body repair companies cut corners to give the illusion of a better deal. Take a close look and make sure you do business reliable people. Our Denver body repair team is full of talented technicians, so you can expect an accurate quote and fair rates.

Trust Your Gut

When trying to decide which body repair shop to take your car to, sometimes it’s best to just listen to your gut. Pay attention to all those little things like the body language and the general vibe you get from the team you are going to give your car to. A technicians character is almost as important as their work or prices.