Aurora Auto Paint

You only get one chance at a first impression; no second chances. This is why you need to ensure that your car always looks the best it can be. In Aurora auto paints can help you achieve that.

One important thing that affects the appearance of your car is the type of coat paint that you choose for your vehicle.
Hence, it is important that you choose a paint coat that you like and one that creates the impression you want.
Here are a few options of Aurora auto paint coats and their pros and cons respectively.


Nitrocellulose: This variety of paint is one of the oldest. It has been on cars since the ’50s. This paint formulation resists light well and can last a long time, but because of the large amounts of organic solvent that evaporates into the atmosphere when it is in use, governments limit its widespread use.

Acrylic lacquer

This is another paint variant that requires a thinner to create a great coat. The finish is smooth and bears a resemblance to glass. It only requires buffing to get the coat to shine. Acrylic lacquer dries fast and sanding can easily remove any mistakes.

Although the two paint coats discussed above are older varieties, there are newer varieties that are capable of achieving effects that are even more awesome
The two most popular modern Aurora auto paints are pearlescent and metallic.

Metallic paints are mixed with aluminum flakes and the color of the paint you want. You can control the effect of ‘sparkle by adjusting the number of flakes that you add to the paint you choose.

On the other hand, pearlescent paints consist of a base coat, a pearl flake coat, and a clear coat.
Pearlescent paint coats also change color depending on where the light hits it. For instance, the color could change from red to orange to blue to red, depending on the angle the light hits.

There are numerous options of paint coats to choose to match your personal style. However, in Aurora auto paint is the very thing that your car needs to shine.