Aurora Interior Repair

Whether you want to restore your vintage car, or you simply want to change the look of your vehicle Aurora interior repair is who you should use.
To sum up restoring the interior of a vehicle, the Aurora interior repair team first takes into account all the parts that need attention.
Depending on how the owner used the vehicle. Given these points the following are some actions may need to be taken.

• Seat re-covering

• Headliner replacement

• Center console restoration or replacement

• Sound system repair or reinstallation

• Trunk compartment re-finishing

• Interior repainting or dyeing

• Carpet replacement

• Dashboard restoration or replacement

If the car were to be a convertible, in addition to the above, they would need to address the following:

• Convertible top replacement

• Convertible top rear window replacement

• Convertible top frame restoration

After taking stock of all the components or parts that need restoration, the next step is to start a thorough restoration process from the ground up.  At Aurora interior repair is taken seriously. We check the floors for any potential issues and fix those first. Then proceed to install a new carpet cut precisely to fit the car’s floor. You have the option to ask for under-carpet padding which helps to suppress noise in the cabin.


In conforming to a ground-up approach, we will proceed to repair the upholstery of your vehicle. They will check the integrity of your car seats to know if they need replacing.

Simultaneously, in Aurora interior repair professionals will check your door panels to see if they need to be replaced or whether they just need cleaning.


Your dashboard is the last place they will repair.

If your dashboard has been in the sun for too long, it may  be brittle and may need replacement. In other cases, it may just need some cleaning. A microfiber towel is really all that is necessary to clean your dashboard thoroughly.

Aurora interior repair team will take all the necessary steps to restore your vehicle interior to its pristine condition.