Paintless dent repair is one of the best ways to remove damage from the surface of your vehicle in Aurora. Compared to other forms of dent repair including traditional dent repair, it’s much faster and more affordable.

So, what makes PDR so much less expensive than traditional dent repair?

Although the processes aim to achieve similar results, they are very different. Traditional dent repair requires several steps and supplies that PDR does not, raising repair costs for consumers.

Paint drives costs through the roof

A huge difference between Aurora paintless dent repair and traditional dent repair is the use of paint. PDR uses no paint as implied by its name, eliminating the cost of primers and paint as well as labor costs of painting the vehicle. Traditional dent repair’s use of paint makes the process much more expensive.

Traditional dent repair uses paint to blend fillers or putty into the rest of the car. Paint matching and painting take time and effort, resulting in higher costs for car owners. Plus, the paint itself costs money. You’re paying for the paint as well as the paint labor.

No painting, primer, or filler with non-invasive PDR

Most of the supplies used for PDR are reusable, as technicians mainly remove dents with tools. Traditional dent repair typically uses putty to fill dents which cannot be reused, as the putty is put onto each car being repaired. This means that drivers may be paying a little more money for their repairs to account for the cost of the putty.

When you pay for traditional dent repair, you’re paying for supplies and labor. Aurora paintless dent repair involves fewer steps and repair supplies. Overall, PDR is less expensive, but you’re not skimping by choosing this repair method. Paintless dent repair is known for its repair quality, as it’s more durable than traditional dent repairs. For longer lasting repairs at a lower price, go for PDR over traditional dent repair.