Despite popular belief, not all dent repair costs an arm and a leg. Aurora PDR, or paintless dent repair, is an excellent alternative to traditional dent repair and is available at many body shops. It has various advantages over other forms of dent repair, including being lower in price, faster, and more environmentally friendly.

So, what makes PDR so cost-effective? Many elements come together with Aurora PDR making it an affordable option for dent repair. Here are just a few.

No fillers

Technicians performing traditional dent repair may fill in dents with putty to blend them in with the rest of the car. PDR technicians do not use filler and instead push and pull dents out of existing body panels. Supplying fillers costs money, so no fillers means lower bills when getting PDR done.

No paint

Like fillers, paint costs money. Aurora PDR does not use paint and therefore saves on costs associated with primers, color matching, paint, and finishes. Non-PDR dent repair includes the cost of the paint as well as painting labor costs. The painting involved in other forms of dent repair requires labor that PDR does not. No painting makes for less labor and lower labor costs.

No replacement parts

Some dent repair methods involve removing existing parts and installing new ones, but technicians performing PDR make use of what they have. Removing dents from existing parts eliminates the costs of the new parts, shipping costs, and installation costs.

Short wait time

Because PDR is quite fast compared to other forms of dent repair, cars are in and out of the shop quickly. If a shop has costs associated with keeping cars for long periods of time, PDR will make them irrelevant. The lack of fillers, paint, and replacement parts contributes to the speed of the process, making it ideal for any car owner.