Hail damage can be devastating to any car owner, so knowing how it happens can be useful in its prevention.

Protect Your Car From The Elements

Cars left out during storms are the most likely candidates for hail damage, so garages and car ports are the best ways to protect your vehicle. If your car is left out, the proximity of your car to trees and buildings could determine how much damage you get. Anything that could stop or redirect hail away from your car, like a tall building or a thick tree, could help stop hail damage.

Know What The Damage Is

The speed and size of hail will determine how bad your damage is. Large hail will naturally cause more extreme damage than small hail, and fast hail will cause more damage than slow hail. The amount of hail coming down and the length of the storm will also affect how much damage your car gets. A shorter storm means less hail, and therefore less damage.

When hail hits your car, damage occurs as the hail dents the metal of your trunk, doors, hood, roof, body panels, or windows. Hail dents are often relatively small, unless the hail that caused them was unusually large. These small dents can sometimes cover the entire surface of your vehicle, making your car unsightly and sometimes causing internal damage.

Aurora Hail Damage Repair For Your Car

If your car does acquire hail damage, Aurora car hail repair will be there for you. Car hail repair in Aurora is inexpensive and fast, especially when you choose paintless dent repair.

PDR is a process in which technicians work out dents with tools and pressure. It does not involve fillers, paint, or replacement parts, making it one of the fastest and cheapest forms of dent repair. It’s known for its ability to remove hail dents and restore your car’s body panels to their original condition.

If you’re looking for Aurora car hail repair, choose PDR for its efficiency and affordability.