When you own a car, dents happen. They’re hard to avoid. Even if you’re an expert driver, other cars, shopping carts, and bicyclists pose threats to your paint and body panels. If you’re worried about getting dented, take these precautions straight from our Aurora door dent repair team.

Park in an empty area

It might seem bothersome to park far away from store entrances, but if your goal is to avoid dents, this is one of the best ways to do it. No cars around you means there’s no one to open their door into yours, no one to bump into you accidentally, and less chance of rogue shopping cart damage. Prevent dents and get some extra steps by parking in an empty area.

Avoid cars that are already dented

If a car already has damage, it could be a sign of a reckless driver. Of course, the dent may not have been their fault, but you shouldn’t take the chance. Try not to park next to damaged cars and steer clear of them on the highway.

Park with care

That poor park job you did in a rush might just give you a door dent. Pay attention while you’re parking and do your best to park in the middle of your space.

Take note of neighboring cars

Some vehicles are less likely to cause dents than others. Parking near motorcycles and vans with sliding doors can save you from door dents.

Parallel park when you can

Parallel parking might seem like a pain, but having no cars beside you eliminates that chance of other doors opening into yours. 

You can take door dent prevention very seriously and still end up with an accident. If you do acquire dents along the way, Aurora door dent repair is just what you need. PDR and traditional dent repairs are both reliable methods of door dent repair in Aurora. PDR, however, is less expensive and works just as well, if not better. For any Aurora door dent repair needs, look into PDR.