Did you know that Colorado has one of the highest chances of hail in the country? Colorado had the second highest number of hail claims in the United States in 2016, meaning your car could be at risk of hail damage. There are many different ways to protect your car from a hail storm, but if you do suffer a few dents or dings, one of the best methods of Aurora hail damage repair is PDR.

How to Prevent Hail Damage in Aurora

There are several ways to help protect your car from hail damage, both before and during storms. In preparation for an upcoming hail storm, park your car in a garage, under a car port, or next to a tall building. Each of these parking locations can help protect your car from hail damage in advance. If you’re caught in a hail storm with no such shelters, blankets or car mats placed to cover your car can work to save your body panels and windows. For further protection from auto hail damage, keep up to date with Aurora weather to avoid surprise storms.

Your Aurora Hail Damage Repair Options

If your car does get caught in a storm, there are many convenient Aurora hail damage repair options available that will have your car looking better than ever. The best option is paintless dent repair, or PDR for short. Much less expensive than traditional hail damage repair, PDR is a process in which auto technicians use tools and pressure to work out dents from existing body panels. No paint or replacement panels are needed, eliminating costs of shipping and labor. Unlike traditional repairs, PDR does not show up on service reports due to its non-invasive nature. It’s also covered by many insurance companies, as it’s a trusted process that has existed for decades.

While it’s important to prepare for hail storms to protect your vehicle, sometimes hail can come from out of the blue, which can result in extreme auto damage. Thankfully, Aurora provides paintless dent repair that can erase signs of hail damage and restore your car to its original condition. When you think hail damage repair in Aurora, think PDR!