Aurora Hail Repair

There are many methods of hail repair out there and it’s important to choose the one that is right for you, your car, and your damage. Each method has its own advantages and one might be more appropriate for one dent than another. Listed below are several common hail repair methods in Aurora. Become familiar with them before bringing your car to the shop to have a better idea of what your auto technicians will be doing.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

PDR is a hail repair method that works for dents without paint chips. This process requires technicians to use small hammers to apply pressure and work out dents, and it can be a great option to save money and time. No replacement panels or paint are used, making it relatively quick and inexpensive. PDR works well for small dents that have not compromised the overall integrity of the body panels.

Traditional hail damage repairs

Traditional hail damage repairs involve sanding and body fillers. The area of the dent is sanded down to the metal, technicians feather the paint around the dent, and body filler is placed in the area of the dent. After that, technicians go through a painting process to make the formerly dented area blend into the rest of the car. This is an option if PDR will not be effective.

Remove and Replace

The remove and replace method involves extracting and replacing damaged parts. Sometimes, parts can be less expensive to replace than to repair if they are very badly damaged. Remove and replace is often used for parts with bolts and hinges, such as the trunk lid and hood, if the parts have a great deal of hail damage to repair.

Finish Glaze

Finish glaze is an alternative to traditional methods and works best for small dents. Technicians sand the dented areas with a coarse paper, apply finish glaze to the sanded area, and then paint over it to match the rest of the car. However, this can result in mismatched paint, a voided warranty, or lowered resale value for compromising your factory finish.

There are many effective hail repair methods, but most are expensive and involve painting or part replacement. This can end up costing you a fortune in resale potential down the road. Ask your Aurora hail repair technician what method of hail repair is right for your car. Based on your damage and car model, they’ll be able to tell you which process will work best for you. Hail storms might bring dents, but Aurora has a variety of hail repair options to overcome damage and keep cars dent-free.