5 Ways to Avoid Aurora Hail Damage

Watch the weather

Before you leave your house, check the weather for the day. Preventing Aurora hail damage can be as easy as knowing of an incoming storm and keeping your car in the garage. If you don’t have a garage, you could rent a carport or car cover in preparation for an upcoming hailstorm.

Find shelter

If you’re already driving and a storm comes in, there are still steps you can take to avoid hail damage, like looking for shelter around Aurora. Park your car under a highway overpass or search for exits that might have shopping malls, gas stations, or tall buildings. Many of these locations offer covered parking or tall walls that can protect your car from inclement weather.

Drive into it

While looking for shelter for you and your vehicle, try to drive directly into the hail. Windshields are made of stronger glass than side windows, so by driving in the direction the hail is coming from, you can help protect your more fragile side windows from hail damage. However, all windows could be quickly damaged if hail is large enough and this method does not help metal body panels, so try to get to a covered area as soon as you can.

Cover up

If you don’t have a garage, use blankets to shield your car from Aurora hail damage. Blankets can help cushion your car and prevent damage. Don’t be shy about the number of blankets used and try to cover as much of the car as possible. It helps to duct tape the blankets to the bottom of the car to keep them secure in case of wind. If you don’t have any spare blankets, car floor mats work just as well. When placing your car mats, focus on the parts of the car that would be most easily damaged first, like your windows.

Be patient

Wait until the storm passes to drive. Hail storms can cause major damage to your car, but more importantly, your body. Wait until the storm has subsided to venture out to avoid major auto damage or bodily injury.