Repairing automotive dents doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Paintless dent repair, also known as PDR, is a perfect solution for small dents without paint chips, and it can be done right in Aurora.

What is Aurora PDR?

PDR refers to a process of dent removal that does not require paint or extreme body panel repairs. To perform PDR on a vehicle, technicians first use fluorescent lights to cause the dents to cast shadows, making them easier to find on the surface of the body panel. As they locate dents, technicians mark each one with lead or a piece of tape. After this process is complete, the dent removal process can begin. Technicians work from the backside of the panel, using small hammers to slowly and carefully work out dents. These technicians are specially trained in PDR to ensure quality, repairs.

Why should you choose PDR over traditional methods?

Aurora PDR is quick and cost-effective, making it the ideal choice for automotive dent repair. We restore the condition of your current body panels by slowly pressing the dents back to their original shape. This eliminates the need for replacements and effectively dismisses the waste associated with traditional repairs. There is also no cost of paint or extra time for paint matching, as PDR is a paintless process. It requires no sanding and no body fillers, which aren’t as effective or long-lasting as PDR.

Trusted Service That Lasts

Other than being efficient, PDR is a great choice for dent repair because it is trusted by many insurance companies and does not show up on service reports. PDR was first developed as a quick solution to imperfections in production lines. Since then it has come a long way in proving it’s worth as a trusted repair method among drivers, distributors, and insurance providers. Today, PDR is recognized and covered by many insurance companies. Moreover, because PDR is not as invasive as traditional body shop repairs, it does not show up on car service reports, to the delight of car owners.

When searching for repair options for your vehicle in Aurora, consider PDR. Traditional dent repair services cannot offer quite as much as PDR will give vehicles in the long run, making PDR a great option for dent removal in Aurora.