Curious about how technicians produce amazing results with Aurora paintless dent repair? Body shops use a variety of tools and skills to remove dents. There isn’t one magic tool that does it all. Technicians have a variety of PDR tools in their arsenal and they use different tools based on each specific dent. Some of the most common tools for Aurora paintless dent repair are listed below.

Slide Hammer Dent Puller

This type of hammer allows technicians to pull dents out without damaging them. The weight of the sliding piece of the hammer creates force to pull out dents.

Hot Glue Gun/Plastic Pull Buttons

Often used together, these tools are often applied to the outer surface of the body panel and repair dents without damaging the paint. A pull button is attached to the car with hot glue on the area of the dent and is then fitted with a tool to help the technician gain leverage. Once the tool is in place, the dent can be pulled out. To finish the repair, the button is pulled off and the glue is removed, leaving the car’s paint unharmed. Pull buttons come in many shapes and sizes to allow them to fix a wide range of dents.

Curved metal tools

Tools with curved metal pieces such as fender rods, bend rods and shave tools are very useful for paintless dent repair. These tools along with applied pressure can help reshape car metal and come in varying curvatures to work for different car shapes.

Technicians use these tools and their specialized training to repair your dents with care. DIY dent repair kits do exist, but there are risks associated with at-home dent repair including bodily harm or increased car damage. To get the best dent repair out there, look to Aurora paintless dent repair. PDR in Aurora is worth your time. Visit your body shop today to try paintless dent repair for yourself.