Collisions are inevitable incidents for the automobile owner; because as long as there are vehicles on the roads, accidents are bound to happen.
Collisions can be so minor that their effects are almost unnoticeable or they can be so severe that they total the vehicle in question. If you were involved in the repair of automobiles, you would discover a pattern. Some types of damage occur repeatedly.
Here are the two most common types of damage that occur during a collision and a summary of how the Denver collision repair team goes about repairing them.


This is the most common type of damage. It has a given because this is usually the first point of contact during a collision.
One of the he fender’s functions is to protect the rest of your car in the event of a collision; so don’t be surprised in the event of a minor collision, that your fender is the only damaged part of your vehicle.


Another part of the automobile that commonly incurs damage is the rear bumper. Like its counterpart, the rear bumper is also designed to absorb impacts while maintaining the integrity of the rest of the vehicle. Poor bumpers; they do take a severe beating.


Fenders and bumpers usually incur four types of damage, namely: dents, scratches, cracks and breaks.
The Denver collision repair team fixes minor scratches by buffing them out with wax. More pronounced scratches are covered up using epoxy paint.
On deeper cracks a filler is unused and then painted over.
Wider cracks, on the other hand, are repaired by reinforcing them with mesh, then filled with filler, and then painted over just like before.
Collisions happen one way or another; but hey need not be a source of headaches. Contact the Denver collision repair team today.