Paintless Dent Repair

The acronym PDR, describes the process used to remove dents from the bodies of cars. Its full meaning is paintless dent repair.
Dents can be caused by any number of reasons. They could be caused by anything from hailstorms to a child’s playfulness.
PDR was invented by an engineer who worked at Mercedes during its auto shows. At the end of the day, after the auto shows there would be countless dents on the bodies of the cars.

Restore Your Car To Excellent Condition

He discovered that by flexing the bodies of the cars. He wanted to fix he could easily remove the dents and restore the cars to excellent condition.
This method of removing dents quickly became popular.
Furthermore the process is actually quite simple. Rather than use paint and traditional methods to remove dents. Denver PDR takes advantage of the pliability of metal to easily remove dents.

Why Choose  Denver’s Paintless Dent Repair?

1. Denver PDR is fast: Because the Denver paintless dent repair team doesn’t use the traditional means to carry out repairs, they can carry out repairs relatively quickly

2. Denver paintless dent repair is cheaper: Because of the nature of PDR and the tools used, PDR is a lot cheaper to perform compared to the traditional methods, which are more expensive.
The cost effectiveness of PDR is partly because PDR can be carried out in small spaces and as a result, overhead costs can be kept to a minimum.

3. PDR is ultimately the most effective method of removing dents: Because of its cost effectiveness and the speed of delivery PDR is regarded as one of the most effective way of removing dents
In summary, PDR is a very efficient and cost effective method of removing dents.
If you live around Denver and your car has any dents or dings on it our Denver, paintless dent repair team is capable of fixing it.
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