There are many ways to repair hail damage. Arguably the most effective is paintless dent repair. It’s quick, effective, and affordable methods are unmatched by body shops. However, PDR can be used for more than just hail. Paintless dent repair is a versatile technique that can fix most kinds of minor body damage. Everything from creases to door dings are a cinch for a master technician. If you’re looking for a qualified Highlands Ranch body repair company, then call ARS today at 833-827-7552.

Different Kinds of Dents

Round Dents

Round dents have soft features and a shallow impact that often looks like a dimple in the body panel. These dents are usually small and can be very common. They are usually caused by hail, but can also be the result of a soccer ball or baseball. Any Highlands Ranch body repair company can remove a dent, but PDR is the most cost/time efficient method.

Sharp Dings

While round dents are usually larger in size, sharp dents are often more difficult to remove. To make a sharp dent you need a small object and a very strong impact. This combination usually results in a tiny ding with a very deep center. The deep center forces the metal to stretch sometimes causing the paint to fracture. Many dent repair companies believe sharp dents are impossible to repair, but we handle every vehicle on a dent by dent basis. We won’t turn you away before a proper damage assessment. These dents are usually caused by stray rocks, shopping carts, and passenger doors.


Creased dents are caused by an impact dragged along the side of a body panel. As a result, they can usually be found on door panels where they are easy to reach. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to remove since more severe damage can cause further dents. However, crease dents typically won’t be an issue for a trained PDR expert.