Nothing Can Crash The Resale Value Of Your Car Like A Hailstorm

It’s easy to overlook the importance of your paint finish, especially when it comes to repairs. Many drivers don’t realize that their paint actually protects the car more than they think. Not just the resale value, but the body itself. When your paint is chipped or damaged it puts your vehicle at risk of further harm and as a result it’s resale potential takes a hit. One hailstorm can completely ruin a paint job if your aren’t careful. If you need to maintain the quality of your paint coat through thick and thin, then our Highlands Ranch hail damage repair team is the perfect fit!

Modern paints come with a mixture of chemicals that act as a protective coating. This coating is essential in protecting your car’s metal against the elements. Over time those metals will break down if they are exposed to heat, water, or harmful chemicals. The paint acts as a shield that prevents corrosion. If this paint is damaged, it’s very unlikely you will find an exact match to cover it up. Most manufacturers don’t distribute their paint codes for easy color matching. Additionally, factors such as air temperature, humidity, and concentration can all affect paint color.

Your vehicle is at its happiest with its original unaltered factory coat. If you’re looking to maintain that, then a Highlands Ranch hail damage repair team that knows paintless dent repair is the way to go. PDR is a completely non-invasive repair method that can remove dents without a trace. In addition we offer:

  • Full interior “Solutions”
  • Full paint touch-up “Solutions”
  • Detailing “Solutions”
  • Dent by dent hail repair “Solutions”

Why Choose ARS?

Automotive Reconditioning Solutions has an extensive network of highly experienced hail damage repair technicians throughout Highlands Ranch. With over 20 years of industry experience, we have simplified and perfected new and used vehicle restoration. We are the one stop shop for all quality automotive reconditioning services. From top to bottom our company prioritizes quality and efficiency, making us the perfect choice for private owners and dealerships alike. Now all of your cosmetic repairs can be handled under one roof.